New Eagles jumper for 2019 and beyond


Hi all,

Attached image is of our new jumper for season 2019 and beyond. We are excited with our new jumpers and have designed them to be reversible so when we have games where our jumpers clash with our opposition, we will be able to utilise the reverse side of the jumper without having to have a spare clash jumper kit for the club.

With the new jumpers came the opportunity to look at jumper sponsorship and who can be involved in partnership with the club long term

In saying that, we welcome back Champions IGA who have renewed their partnership with us as our major sponsor. They will have their logo on the back and front of our jumpers.

We welcome on board LFT Trucking as our other major sponsor on the back of our jumpers. Luke and Lara Fraumano (LFT) already do a heap of volunteering and sponsorship for the club and we are pleased to be able to acknowledge their business long term on our jumpers at all our games.

Our final sponsor to our jumpers is DT Garage Doors who will be on the front of our jumpers. We welcome on board Dean and Tracey Psaila for what we envisage will be a long term partnership

Finally, we’d like to thank Grant Jones who has done a fantastic job in the sponsorship role at the club. Grant runs his own business, but constantly finds time to go out, call and meet with potential sponsors for the club.

We welcome onboard all of our jumper sponsors for season 2019 and beyond.

Go Eagles 2019!


Cameron Powell


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